So after a few months of going it alone I wanted to thank all my supportive clients, fellow salon members and family!!

I sat last night thinking about all my clients… I wouldn’t be here without them!!

Clients really do mean the world to their hairdressers!!

To me they mean friendship, trust and a good laugh
You develop relationships with your clients, I know your families, your opinions, views, values, highs, lows, education, profession, health and so much more!!

Coming to the salon gives my clients the chance to unwind, relax, focus on nothing for an hour or two! Have a laugh or maybe a cry!!

The trust built between a client and her stylist is like no other! They confide as I do also, challenge, enhance and grow!

I care for you, about you, your life and all things else! We are hear to listen and above all else make you feel amazing about yourself!! I want every experience to be the best experience! Customers always come first!! Love you all 😘😘