As most of us know after we have a child we feel the need to self declare… for example.. I’m a woman not just a mother, I can take care of my own appearance and not just my child’s! Having spent the last 9-12 months dressed in whatever from wherever not caring if there is snot, vomit or any other bodily substances on it…

I decided on a colour change going straight from a lovely rich brunette to a platinum blonde… educational wise i know the wrongs and rights of the process but I am not known for my patience and decided to take on the thought of bugger it il fix it after…. 

forward a few months my hair is wrecked it’s back to brunette though by no means rich or glossy really quite flat and drab! 

I’m looking after it but also being lazy! I get frustrated at clients who want this… reason being I’m a walking advertisement for shit hair don’t care right now!! However I feel I’m getting somewhere and it’s done to the correct products 

  • Moroccan oil treament
  • Unique 1 spray
  • Aussie 3minute miracle 
  • A lot of trims 
  • And less frequent washing!!! 

Doing this is the long run would have been lovely though for my hairs integrity… I’m a brunette this time it’s sticking!!!

I would love to know of any old wives tales to test also 😘