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So it’s been a busy month…. Finally off on two weeks holiday… Sun please come out.

I had the fantastic opportunity a few weeks ago to be selected to style hair for Target Dry clothing company.. Location shoot!!! 

As it is something I hadn’t done before I was apprehensive…I have plenty of experience with bridal hair and styling all within a lovely warm salon!! 

With the prospect of no electricity i agreed to the shoot, lucky enough at the first location in Murlough Bay we were lucky enough that a local family run bar/restaurant opened early in the morning for access to electricity. 

Hunters Bar, extremely friendly owners and beautiful premises with 5star customer ratings.

Onto Murlough bay, grass green as can be sand cream as can be but the live stock run free… Sheep most definately invaded what a would consider a comfortable distance radius… 

The scenery is breath taking.. We really do not understand how beautiful our Wee country is, this location is a place I had never heard of but is indeed to location for some filming of Game Of Thrones.

The weather at most was fantastic, the trek on other hand was something I definately was not use to and didn’t exactly dress correctly for the occasion (riding boots, leggings, fitted long padded coat) Not the easiest attire to climb, slide, drag, pull in…

The over all experience was a fantastic example of a passionate professional shoot, working along side Target Dry and fantastic photographers and makeup artists, I am so keen to continue to work on photoshoots now Iv had a taste for it 

I will share professional photos at a later date as to not give away the new fall collection of the products ( I might add I would never of considered outdoor clothing for myself until I seen these products, so modern and fashionable would be ashame for you to not check them out and there stock listers are available on their website) 

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