So… Since the last time Iv posted.. Isla is now 9 months I’m back to work and have clocked a massive 30 hours(5 shifts) although I miss my kids and hubby and my little bubble at home that surrounds us I’m actually glad to be back to work.

I can not describe the nerves and anxiety the night before… Would she be ok? Would she settle? Would she feel abandoned? How would I feel? The night more I was bathing my little girl and realising the last 8 months had flown in she was sitting, laughing and splashing!! Smiling at me not having a clue I would be away from her for a whole day!! The tears flowed all from me… I felt awful.. But trying to catch myself on I was only going back two days a week and she would be fine.. 

I’m all for stay at home mums, part time or full time working mums! Which ever one your path is its your choice for yourself and your family.. Though I do not consider my work a job… It’s a career which I absolutely love and always have its exactly what I was suppose to do.. And I really believe the saying “if you love your job you will never work a day in your life” Iv always put my family first and consider the affects of all our actions. 

The second i stepped into the beautiful log cabin to pamper my bridal party I felt relieved and in the zone… I had missed my job, I loved the rush and the buzz of running around working the ladies hairs and them admiring their styles and being thrilled.. I love the feeling when I look at someone’s face and see how happy they are with their hair.. And knowing I am the reason… I loved being in the salon and feeling like and adult… No shit snot or vomit over me, makeup and hair done for the day… Being Sam not just wife and mummy!!! 

I love the fulfilled feeling of contributing and providing for my family… Setting a good example for my kids knowing mummy and daddy worked hard.. I’m lucky financially I can afford to go back just two days… Sure I would like more money who wouldn’t? But I wouldn’t sacrifice my time and attention towards my kids for more hours away from them and more of the missing out.. 

I feel like when they are little time needs to be treasured and not to waste a moment.. 16hours of a week are enough for me for now.. I will always aim high and push myself and career… Once they are older… But for those 16 hours I love getting a little part of myself back in the most unselfish way I know how