As we all know In sunny Northern Ireland we really do need to make the most of this fabulous weather this week…. So far it has been all go from cutting the grass and weeding to supervising power hosing( not my kind of job) for them few short hours after school and before dinner we’ve been trying to keep a hyper 6 year old entertained.

Today we went to buttermilk bridge with the kids, auntie and cousins. The kids deciding to do a nature trail and collect insects, whilst some of us jumping at the birds and trying to dodge them along the trail, I am not a bird person I do not like them I am actually quite scared but needing to remember who’s watching and not installing a fear in my children. 

So feeding ducks, rabbits etc then ourselves with ice cream finally deciding to finish up at the park hoping to tire the kids out… Realising I love these days the simplicity of it all and the happiness it brings to children and the good for the soul natter and laughs for the adults, I realise that Children do not need money and expensive places to go all the time, I for one love taking my son bowling or zoo etc, but these lovely walks and company Is sometimes all they need. 

Seeing a smile continuously on a child’s face is the confirmation we need to know they only want your time and ears. Always having time to spend and ears to listen. The older I am getting I’m trying harder to stop what ever I am doing either cooking dinner or tackling an ironing pile that resembles a tiny slemish mountain and look at my child when he talking to me and telling me something. 

Alfie is extremely random in the sense he will just ask me everything I know about sea turtles or who do I think would win in a fight between two of his latest favourite characters, then my lovely 7 month old who’s started enjoying her walker following me about shouting and demanding my attention 99% of the day, I try hard to have in my head the housework can wait it’s not worth it relax cuddle and enjoy your children stop stressing… Sometimes easier said than done but when they are grown and not wanting my attention or play time il have the house work, the young years can not be relived, we really do need to make the most of it.

Writing this whilst getting a cuddle of my daughter sleeping in my arms I really should of put her down 15minutes ago, hoovered the floors, moped, straightened the bedrooms etc but who cares 😉