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If there’s one thing I love to read.. It’s quotes and inspirational ones at that.

Life is extremely short as most of us are aware, wishfully fun and full of happiness. I believe fully and forcefully we need to make the absolute most of it. Many people state that good things come to those who wait or people make their own luck etc I think we need to grab life with firm hands..push.. Excel and dream. Make your own luck, work hard for your successes. Nothing comes easy, if you really want something you need to believe it will happen and not stop until it does. If it’s not worth fighting for it isn’t worth having. 

Whether these goals are for careers, skills, or humble family life. We need to take charge..make things happen. Aim to be the best in whatever you desire. Don’t wait for an opportunity to arise go and make that opportunity happen. 

Hard times are sent to test us, if we can over come trying obstacles with strength we have the strength to fulfil our ambitions. If you want to change career, reeducate yourself, start a business venture do it now, why wait, aim high then higher again. If you want to do something you can, everyone is smart and capable enough todo so, self belief encourages the people surrounding you to believe in you too. Stepping up and taking charge doesn’t have to be chaotic with a heavy heart and level head.