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I came across this lovely picture today… 

We are living in a world that revolves around looks… What an ugly scary world it can be… Social media is everywhere and young girls and women are endlessly comparing themselves to these sometimes unrealistic “idols” 

I think I am quite lucky.. I was brought up to love myself and not care what other people think!!! I’m happy for it!! I love having a tan, doing makeup etc many women do but I’m also not affraid to bare all and be myself. You witness as you grow up the most beautiful girl in the world can have the ugliest personality therefore making her an ugly person. I’m a true believer that what is inside is important… Good looks fade a good heart doesn’t. 

As I sit her with my beautiful 6month old daughter I recall how I tell her daily how much I love her, how pretty she is etc… I will never stop telling her and will make a  vow to tell her at least once everyday something beautiful about her, I want her to grow up to love herself, respect herself and be happy…I will not allow her to obsess about her appearance or care what other people may think!!! I will raise her to be a strong woman and not allow others to sway her judgement on herself…

I will raise her to search beyond looks in every person she meets, to always be kind and not ignorant… In return I hope she will always be surrounded by people who love her for herself as me and her daddy always will.

In regards to my 6year old I’m already on the right track, I tell him how gorgeous and kind he is everyday in return he tells me yes I know mum you tell me all the time… He already loves himself as much as I do and doesn’t care what people think what a wonderful quality in a child… Iv read many times of children as young as him to be obsessed with looks and weight… How scary