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I have been hairdressing for 5years now and I can honestly say I love every aspect of it… I enjoy styling bridal parties, all forms of colouring restyling and many more… In this industry we are always evolving and learning on a daily basis…A few quick do’s and dont’s to caring for your hair at home…

  • brush your hair… At least twice a day… This helps remove dirt ‘tats’ etc.. There is literally nothing worse when diving in, to foil or meche a full head firstly not getting a comb through the hair or worse yet separating the hair to see something that resembles a spiders nest…a matted mess, always brush your hair from the bottom up never roots first and especially when wet your hair is at its most vulnerable when wet and can easily break.
  • Invest in a good hair cut regularly to keep your hair healthy, avoid damage and making it easier to manage.  look closely at your ends if they do not come to a blunt end its time for a trim. For shorter styles I would say between 4-6weeks , shoulder length and longer anywhere between 6-10 weeks.
  • try and let your hair dry by itself whenever possible. I am currently using 3 different products which il talk about later.. I wash(always twice) condition or use a treatment then towel dry brush and apply.
  • if you want elaborate colouring be prepared to nurse your hair after religiously… Every hairdresser will tell you we can only do so much in the salon, the upkeep depends on you.
  • red and black are the hardest colours to remove and blondes require the most up keep so always think long and hard about the colour you choose.
  • The obvious one for me is being realistic… Listen to your stylist she knows her job… She or maybe he is educated they will be honest with you or your expectations!!!

Avoid tying hair too tight or too often, this causes breakage and in some cases alopecia, I always use a 


  1. prevents split ends
  2. prevents hair breakage
  3. water resistant
  4. reduces tension on the scalp
  5. grips hair firmly
  6. easy cleaned
  7. hygienic
  8. perfect for all hair types
  9. Wear as an accessory
  10. perfect for sports

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other products I am currently using :

L’Oréal Paris ELVIVE Extraordinary OIL >

 I like this product because it is suitable for all hair types, I always use two pumps mainly after I wash my hair before combing out but it can also be used before, it has really softened my hair after I have lightened it.

Ogx Weightless hydration coconut water >

Iv found that anything coconut oil based its fantastic after starting to use on my face also I like this product because it does what it says, light hydration with out the heavy clumpy oil leaving the hair greasy looking. I use this also after washing before blow drying my hair as this product is best used along with a blow dry as it closes the hair shaft locking in the moisture. My mother in law actually bought this for my husbands beard and Iv pinched it.

Schwarzkopt Repair Rescue spray conditioner

This for damaged hair but I think it would be suited to all hair types, I think everyone should use a leave in conditioner when combing out as it softens and protects the hair against the dreaded brush, I think this product has done what it says and recused my hair after colouring processes.

whilst using these I also use various treatments weekly but as a busy mum I don’t have the time to properly treat and blowdry my hair, I mostly wash use these and Bung it up using a magi:bobble and let it dry it’s self. using these products takes literally under a minute so it is easy to add into your routine and the results are worth it
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