Well what can I say on a subject that is literally talked about everywhere at the minute… I love it and it is one of my biggest achievements.

I have been feeding my daughter for her 6months of life and at the minute I have no intention of stopping anytime soon

When I had Alfie I was 20years old and under no circumstance would I even consider to breastfeed him.. I felt I was too young, inexperienced obviously, embarrassed and much more though I look at Isla and regret not trying with Alfie.. I wish I knew then what I know now. I had no knowledge of breastfeeding  as only one of my aunts fed her daughter and with being in different continents at the time it was something I didn’t witness. However in 2013 my friend had a little boy and she breastfeed and I will never forget the day she done it In my company.. I was mortified I didn’t know where to look it was completely not normal for me!! I also remember telling her a few times “get that baby off the diddy”lol though I have since told her because of my experience now I regret having ever said that to her… As Iv heard it many times myself.

I decided whilst pregnant I would give it a go if it didn’t work out for us then fine but I’d like to try.. I can’t pin point the actual reason why, maybe a cluster of different reasons but one being that in my head I had decided this  would be my last pregnancy and maybe I felt I should at least of experienced it even for a short time or even for my child’s first feed.

Along came Isla and the first feed she latched with absolutely no problem, some things I didn’t really know what to expect with being a mother for the second time I never bothered with books.. I felt a dab hand at babies.. I didn’t need them!! I was wrong winging it was not going to be easy!! Just before I had Isla my husband decided to read my breastfeeding leaflet every now and then stating some facts to me, asking did you know??… No I bloody didn’t!!! SHIT!! I thought I’m being induced Iv a long day ahead of me plenty of time to read… Nope got the first page read when I was catapulted into the operating theatre.. The first page educating me enough to have an understand of why to feed… Not how to feed…

I was delighted at the first feed.. Happy days latch perfect .. Happy baby happy mummy.. Nothing prepared me for the next 24hours!! Isla and I both sleeping 5 minutes at a time and I recon getting a total of an hour, exhausted, frustrated, in agony from my section and also the overwhelming emotions of being a new mum and incredibly sore nipples. If it wasn’t for the midwife I had that night I don’t know if I would of stuck it she tried nursing Isla to let me sleep but she just cried steady, fed steady and needed comforted.. I wasn’t use to this Alfie had a bottle, winded, changed, back over for 3 hours… My baby didn’t seem happy.. But what my husband considers one of my best qualities , I do not give in, I push myself!! if I have a goal insight I reach it… I will not be beat.

At some stages the midwife was actually holding my breast in Islas mouth encouraging her to latch… Eventually we got it spot on… However the next two weeks were trying times the pain every time she latched to feed was horrendous. I use to hold my breath as I brought her Wee tiny head into me and clench my teeth to make it through the pain… It did get better and then the pain near enough stopped, we had hard times through what we thought was colic then silent reflux but we made it though.

I understand it isn’t for everyone but I for one never in a million years thought it would be for me but I feel super proud my baby is all home grown, she has thrived so well and gained weight quicker than I would imagine, she is the happiest most content Wee joy… And it’s all from mamas magic milk..

My initial goal was 6months and we’ve reached it!! Iv extended to a year my maximum., I just couldn’t image stopping anytime soon. I love the bond it has given us I really can’t put it into words… And I doubt il every be able to give it the description and detail it deserves… It is utterly magical and natural.

I still find it uncomfortable in situations feeding in public but we’re over coming these feeling of awkwardness once place and step at a time, I encourage any new mummies to give it a go if you want if it’s not for you don’t feel pressured either, I must admit iv found myself quite an advocate for it and will now continue to preach the benefits, encouragement and knowledge when and where I can.

Benefits of breast feeding NHS link in bio

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