So Iv rambled on about my children and failed to praise the main man himself, my husband Christopher. Who gave me the gift of two beautiful children, he is not only an amazing father but also a wonderful husband, I am forever grateful.

I have mixed opinions on marriage, between modern day and Stone Age times the two merge for me… It can be a sore subject in many house holds “it’s a woman’s job” and “it’s a mans job” I think we mostly follow suit from our parents and family members. I would like to think I base my marriage on my parents, after all I have been observing them for 27years and they are clearly doing something right.

I believe marriage should be equal, the responsibilities being equal and the input into the marriage, all marriages have highs and lows and its whether or not you decide to over come them… In modern day it is too easy for couples to get divorced, many walking into a marriage with the wrong attitude, as society today divorce is not frowned upon I’m fully aware that for whatever reasons marriage doesn’t work and results in divorce but I don’t believe in setting your attitude up for a fail, and putting a downer on it before the ink is dry.  On my wedding day i made a vow to myself to always try.. To believe and push beyond all obstacles because I had the attitude that this commitment is forever and that’s exactly what i want.

Iv been married for two years and right now I am still in the honeymoon period me and my hubby just seem to gel and work well as a team… I consider myself one of the lucky ones we argue and bicker and makeup, 98% of our arguments are about housework cue the Stone Age views 1% kids and 1% over trivial subjects… We make eachother laugh at least 5 times a day… We share the same order of priorities and the same goals as a family

I am always keen to give advice and listen to others on their marriages and relationships Iv never claimed mine to be perfect because let’s face it nothing in the world is perfect to others but it’s perfect in its own ways to you… The key to all good healthy relationships is communication, appreciation and happiness… You need all three

in regards to my opinions if you are not happy don’t stay, don’t stay because your expected to or for the kids etc stay because you want to and there is no where else you want to be.. Always strive to be happy or at least have happy moments daily, bring out the best qualities in each other, support, praise and show affection.

If you walk into your marriage knowing you are marrying for all the right reasons I truly believe you will never second guess it or regret it a day in your life. I believe people should really know each other before they even consider an engagement, have a strong grasp on life living together and the future, have the same priorities i.e your children come first, build careers etc whatever suits. You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself.