One thing as women we enjoy discussing our pregnancies births and children all conversations one way or another seem to steer on the road to here.

In a way it’s nearly like a competition who had the longest, who had the worst, who can shock with their tale the most!! And this competition should have a statement, like a medal around our neck so people stop and ask oh what’s that for? and we tell another.. It goes back to these simple points:

  • We made them
  • We carried them
  • We birthed them

And these gruelling processes made us accomplish something amazing…. There is nothing like it…. We are shockingly proud

My first birth with my son was pretty straight forward he was due on the 10th of February 2010 I went into labour on the  7th of February, just little niggles to start every two hours or so that was in the morning!!! I started getting excited then extremely nervous… Then near into a panic in my head I was screaming NOT Ready… I decided to go to bed around 12:00am as not much was happening within an hour I was contracting every 15minutes, il never forget Christopher’s(hubby) face went I poked to say “I think this is it” I’m sure that is a sentence that most men dread to hear when the due date is insight.

I decided to ring the hospital and my mum as she was going to be my birthing partner… I was completely prepared in every sense eg Hosp bag everything for baby etc but I was not prepared for the long labour and everything after lol I wish I knew then what I know now but everything we learn we “learn from life” and experience.

At 2:00am I made my mum come to my house whilst I paced the floors, had baths and made her and my husband rub my back whilst shouting insults and inventing curse words every now and then!🙈 this went on till 5:00am till I couldn’t stick the pain… Made our way to hospital and low and behold they slowed to a near stop! I will admit I was gutted though slightly relived lol fast forward 12hours and not much had changed had bits of visitors and text messages all anticipating the new arrival… I felt as if it was a surprise party and I was bringing the guest of honour … Things kicked off a while later a lot of which was a blur as I was high as a kite on pethodine and Gas and air.. They put me on a drip to bring on labour though I still felt it was never going to end.

I read my pregnancy book quite well which seemed to not be well enough as I had no clue what was happening to me and I felt like the silliest girl in the ward,nothing prepared me for his process.

Fast forward again and my son was born at 4:20am on the 9th of February after actively pushing for not too long but also pushing wrong, as a natural reaction I thought I had to push from my front and not actually the bottom as if I’d been constipated for a month… he arrived safe and sound all 6lbs 49cm of flawless baby!! I could never describe the feelings that all stabbed my heart at once, it felt like a pin cushion being pinned thousands of times over the sheer joy I have never experienced before that moment and didn’t again until my daughter was born.

To add Alfie just spotted me and said are you writing a story?? I said yeah sort of he said wow mum that’s incredible if it’s in a book can I buy it lol is it strange I already know my 6year old is proud of me… I hope he knows one exactly how proud I am of both of us starting from that day of labour pains 😘😘

Labour pains to be continued …