So as I carry on talking about my labours I move onto child number 2 Miss Isla Faye… Who is currently  hanging off my diddy and kicking the life out of me.. In search for Isla you can be sure she is never more than a foot from the milking machine.

With my Wee bird me and my husband were trying for 4 months, I always thought it was six but after talking about it recently I realised I misjudged time…

So I thought I was pregnant pretty much every month, one month late one month on time which I soon learned was because I had two different cycles….. In those 4months I genuinely spent a fortune on pregnancy tests, it got to the stage I had to lie to my husband about how many I was buying 😂 I eventually bought what I would consider as bulk!! I was doing them in the morning, lunch time, dinner time, night before bath and before going to sleep…. I near enough bloody dreamed of pregnancy tests..

The day I found out my bestfriend was with me we both knew I was but i told my hubby and mum and they weren’t convinced… I had become that obsessed they near thought i was imagining the lines as they were so faint … Though I was right i was with child.

My pregnancy with Isla was awful I did try to not moan too much!! Who was I kidding anyone that asked heard about it.. And I would be the first to opinionate when someone pregnant moaned I detest pity parties and am probably the most unsympathetic person you will meet but I felt shockingly sorry for myself lol towards the end they were back and forth between a c-section and natural because I had pregnancy diabetes there was too much fluid around her which caused her to keep rotating.. I hated the thought of a section I must admit I was petrified, it was the unknown for me I wanted natural all the way I knew what to expect.

Because of all the factors I was booked in for induced labour with Isla on the 10th of October 2015 I was due the day after.. Friend of mine had been induced so I thought I knew what I was in for… I was checked around 9:00am having been there from 8:00am but they could not get a fetal heart Monitor for a long enough period of time as Isla decided she was in a horse and jockey race.. Her being the horse!! She wouldn’t keep still!! I was 3-4cm and delighted obvious slow labour as I had pains for a week maybe something to do with deciding to decorate 3rooms a week before I was due 🙈

Skimming over irrelavant details the midwife decided on inserting a pessary which Is basically like a tablet one in 5 pregnancies in the uk are induced, a lot of inductions can last 24hours and can lead to adding other pessaries or gels… Mine however didn’t get that far. At about a10:15am this was inserted the midwife told my husband could be hours before any activity and to go and grab me some food etc she couldn’t have been more wrong within 10-15mins the pain was unbareable I knew instantly I wasn’t suppose to feel like this something was wrong… She checked me again and I could see panic all over her face whilst she kept a professional composure I was having no breaks like regular contractions just constant pain to the extent I though the baby was clawing out of me..

Whilst all this was happening my husband had went and got me a fry and took a Wee stroll to the shop and having a flick through a mag or two! The midwife flipped me over and round every angle of that bed to get a heart rate on the baby from the outside looking in I’m sure I resembled a drunk baby whale and I sure felt like one.. She whipped the pessary out and nothing improved doctors nurses etc rushed round.. The decision was made to have a preform a section… Panic filled me with all thoughts firstly WHERE THE FUCK WAS MY HUSBAND!! I begged them to find him whilst they flipped and pulled me like a rag doll, bra whipped off earrings yanked out!! It was literally 2 minutes what had passed I didn’t have time to absorb the information or prepare myself and I do not like surprises…

Chris arrived back and the dread that filled his face is an expression il never forget. I was petrified but I couldn’t show him my husband is the biggest softie and worrier I had to be strong for him our marriage is based on my reactions if I worry he worries if I’m sad he is sad!! Nothing prepared either of us for this I kissed him quick and was whisked off.. The run to the operation theatre was seconds.. I had a swarm of people gather round me id say about 8 and all I could think was oh my what if I die and leave Chris with these two kids by himself… It was never an option in my head whether my baby was ok!!!it had to be!! I already loved it so much the tears filled my eyes and my body shook I couldn’t look around I stared at the ceiling… The most amazing midwife I could have asked for noticed this fear whilst the rest did their jobs preping me, she placed two hands on either side of my head and looked me in the eyes told me I was ok my baby was ok but the baby needed out now…. I felt like a weight was lifted off my chest and I could breathe the relief those words from a stranger gave me prepared me for this moment.

In total I was in theatre for 10 minutes… Amazing a team of people can do something so skilled so quickly… I don’t recall much after just coming round and asking if my baby was ok and what sex was it?? When I heard it was a girl I just cried and cried.. I looked and Chris holding her and cried some more…

I those short moments i proved to myself that the old saying was true “I’d die for my kids” I was never in a position to experience the feeling before but being wheeled away from my husband I was prepared to give everything so that my baby was ok… And that she was all 6lbs10 and 53cm of her 💕😘

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