To kick start my series of thoughts, opinions, passions and all else I might add to my blog id like to start with my greatest accomplishment

Being a mummy 😀

In some senses i don’t know where to start or even how to explain! I will always have the memories for both my children

The pregnancy tests, the changing of my body, the tiredness…aches and pains … The highs and the lows!! But always remembering I created the little lives inside me and barely containing the excitement and anticipation!!

With my little boy Alfie I had quite a straight forward pregnancy and In comparison to my daughter Isla it was quite a breeze!! I didn’t know it my son didn’t know it and no one else but that little peanut I seen in my 12 scan back in 2009 would change my life heart and soul forever

The gift my son gave me was priceless he made me the person I am I learned more from him than he will ever know, I learned to be selfless, caring, nurturing, committed, loving and much more.. Not that I didn’t posses these qualities before him but he amplified them and burst everything wide open… He made me want to do well not only for him my husband and family but also for myself when he was 7 months old I decided to go back into education and train as a hairdresser a career I had always longed for and I stuck 3 hard years training, working, raising a child and running a house all with help and thanks to my amazing husband and family and the drive to do myself proud for my son

Then there is my little Lala Bird … Isla! I never found out with either pregnancies what sex I was having much to my disappointment I was dying to know but my husband was dead set against it lol I longed for another baby after our wedding in 2014 to complete our family as Alfie was 4 years old by then and I hated the gap I was creating between Children.

I had what I describe as a horrific pregnancy with Isla, sickness all times of the day for the first 24 weeks with a few weeks gap then sick again, carpal tunnel!! Pregnancy diabetes then she decided to lie breech then transverse then continuing to rotate lol all resulting in quite a scary labour but there’s another time and post for that subject

Isla has also given me a gift the gift of a mother and daughter bond… I never had a desire for a particular sex with her I always wanted a boy first and what I got second I didn’t mind.. Although I had myself convinced she was a boy!! When I came round and asked the nurse was my baby ok and what was it she just said girl I remember no conversation no face or what was going on but I just cried with joy I didn’t realise my desire for a girl till I had her

I remember briefly thinking in my pregnancy two children are enough il be happy with that my little guy then a boy or girl il be blessed but then I remember being sad at the thought of never having a girl… There are a lot of women in my family and we are all close especially me and my mum.. I was thinking what if I never have that bond with a daughter that me and mum have? What if I never help a daughter on her wedding day? What if I never go for a coffee date or shopping? Or plait a daughters hair? I began looking at mothers and daughters all around and thinking what If I never had that

Low and behold I had a daughter!! My daughter Who I will experience all my wishes with and more.. today we sat at 6 months old and had our first tea party 💕 these are the Memories I will make and always cherish I have a little best friend who will always be my best friend as my mother is mine il have the days with her I have cherished with my own and for that I’m glad I secretly wished for my daughter