Where do we start with this?? in this one word ‘covid’  I can describe…

3 months of

Mixed emotions, tiredness, worry, self doubt, appreciation, guilt, anger, motivation, eagerness, impatience, judgement, pity and so much more.

This is almost endless, the words to describe the impact, devastation and life altering experience that has fallen amoungst us.  Some are lucky some are not, come care too much or not at all. We have never experienced something like this before and its mind blowing and unfortunately the storm is calm at the moment but it has not left us.

Im not going to lie, I  resembled a crazy woman at the start of all this telling people they were going to die, banning any kind of contact within 5metres never mind 2, preaching to friends and family constantly… not going to say im not like that now but my rictor scale has drastically reduced, because I was nearly off it.

I had never took something so serious in my life, and the more I was seeing people break the rules the more it was affecting my mind, I felt I cared about the people they came in contact with more than they did, I was starting to resent people and that’s not healthy.

Fast forward 17863 days in and im feeling better, my biggest problem is i need focus and stabilty, so i found them myself, i took a step back, a deep breath, and looked at my business, what i wanted from it in the future, read more books, watched more films, spend all day everyday with my kids, playing, art, tiny bit of school work.

Im glad iv had this time off, but im also glad to have finally gotten a date to head back to work, im so anxious, for what the new normal may be. our whole worlds have changed in an instance, i hope i have learnt from this in the way i think i have.  I hope i have learnt to slow down, appreciate the now, spend less time worrying about all the things i have to do, we may and hopefully never have the opportunity at home like this as i hope something like this never happens again, time to appreciate what we have and move forward with that, we have all the time in the world to work but we dont have all the time with our kids and looking after ourselves.. reality checked…. noted.

The new normal??

How long is this going to be the new normal??

I was so stressed from finding out our date to going back, we have always had PPE present withing the hair and beauty sector… but not to this extreme.

its been stressful thinking of everything we need trying to find guidance, pushing for help. we basically recived no help at the start, we felt as if our indutry was completely brushed over, and for an industry that pumps billions into the economy every year its not good enough. However the stress is over, hopegully, we have all sourced and found the adequate guidance and PPE. we are raring to keep at it!! it hasn’t been easy and certainly not cheap but tihis is something we are all prepared to do for the foreseeable to ensure we protect ourselves, ours clients and our reputations.

its not easy for anyone in these situations, but we will have to take the rough and the smooth to be abke to work, however, not at the capacity of what we have always known, we now have 15 mins or longer gaps between clients to clean properly, we have no give in appointment times, and we have to be strict. its hard for us but with the help and support of one another and our clients we will do just fine, just be patient and understanding.

as for PPE its not as bad wearing the visor and masks. I thought it would be worse though I have a new found respect for the doctors and nurses out there and anyone lse who has continuously worked through this using these procedures, the masks hurt your ears, and after a while you get light headed, the visors have a tendency to steam up too. Despite all this the look on our clients faces when we are finished giving them their new do is pricesless, we really are feeling very appreciated right now, and its a great feeling, all being well this isnt a permanent new normal, all eventually all restrictions will ease off.

Until then we will keep doing our best, doing our jobs and making people feel great as much as we can and to the best of our abilty

update 2020

so guys its been a while since i have been on this… first of all it was very frustrating using a phone and ipad to write on this, so i treated myself to a new laptop.


whats new with me??? iv moved salon location to Eden Hair and Beauty in Ahoghill since the end of 2019. Very happy and relaxed there, so happy that my clients chose to follow.  The kids are doing great, the hubby is great and lifes great for the most until March and covid 19 hit but thats a update for another post, i hope life is treating you well and you and your loved ones are happy, healthy and thriving.


sam xx

What clients mean

So after a few months of going it alone I wanted to thank all my supportive clients, fellow salon members and family!!

I sat last night thinking about all my clients… I wouldn’t be here without them!!

Clients really do mean the world to their hairdressers!!

To me they mean friendship, trust and a good laugh
You develop relationships with your clients, I know your families, your opinions, views, values, highs, lows, education, profession, health and so much more!!

Coming to the salon gives my clients the chance to unwind, relax, focus on nothing for an hour or two! Have a laugh or maybe a cry!!

The trust built between a client and her stylist is like no other! They confide as I do also, challenge, enhance and grow!

I care for you, about you, your life and all things else! We are hear to listen and above all else make you feel amazing about yourself!! I want every experience to be the best experience! Customers always come first!! Love you all 😘😘



When you don’t follow your own advice 

As most of us know after we have a child we feel the need to self declare… for example.. I’m a woman not just a mother, I can take care of my own appearance and not just my child’s! Having spent the last 9-12 months dressed in whatever from wherever not caring if there is snot, vomit or any other bodily substances on it…

I decided on a colour change going straight from a lovely rich brunette to a platinum blonde… educational wise i know the wrongs and rights of the process but I am not known for my patience and decided to take on the thought of bugger it il fix it after…. 

forward a few months my hair is wrecked it’s back to brunette though by no means rich or glossy really quite flat and drab! 

I’m looking after it but also being lazy! I get frustrated at clients who want this… reason being I’m a walking advertisement for shit hair don’t care right now!! However I feel I’m getting somewhere and it’s done to the correct products 

  • Moroccan oil treament
  • Unique 1 spray
  • Aussie 3minute miracle 
  • A lot of trims 
  • And less frequent washing!!! 

Doing this is the long run would have been lovely though for my hairs integrity… I’m a brunette this time it’s sticking!!!

I would love to know of any old wives tales to test also 😘

Cheers to change!!

So it really has been along time since iv updated this between working, raising kids and a husband… my free time is mostly occupied with coffee, munchies and reality Tv or box sets… something that doesn’t require to much brain activity!!! 

I have finally took the plunge and became my own boss!! Fast and nervously.. but couldn’t be happier! After the initial oh s##t im content with my plunge!! The main reason I always wanted to be self employed was for the flexibility for my kids… with the intentions to never miss a sports day, parent teacher or any important milestone occasions that I believe affect a child!! So hooray to me and wish me luck !!!

Eva education 


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So I basically went for a job role as an Eva educator last year and was successful in gaining the position. 

I am incredibly excited for this and what this position brings to me as a hairdresser and a person.

For a brief description il basically be going round salons on request to carry out demos for colouring, styling etc and all aspects of hairdressing I enjoy! Then eventually educating within a new academy which is in the process of being organised and set up. 

The company il be doing this through is Savvy&Shine based in Antrim, which are the only uk distributors for Eva and Evo professional hair care. 

I can not express my love for this brand enough the colours are fabulous and highly pigmented lasting longer and being shiny and vibrant. 

Training has started and I can’t wait to get stuck right in!! 


So it’s been a while since I have added to my blog
Since the last time 

We have enjoyed my littlest loves first birthday 

I have got an another job as an Eva Educator which is the colour brand we use in salon

Enjoyed a hectic and joyful Christmas which was more exciting as Isla was a little bit more involved this year

And celebrated my wonderful husbands big 30th birthday with friends and family!! 

To be honest I do find it difficult between working, being a wife and mother to find the time to post on this… though it’s something I really enjoy and fingers crossed 2017 brings me a little extra time to add to this 

Wedding hair 


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Most people that know me know one of my favourite areas as a hairdresser is bridal.. I absolutely love styling a bride and her bridal party for the most exciting and most important days of her life.

The hair to me is extremely important as everyone attending a wedding or scanning Facebook for pictures Is looking at 

  • The dress
  • The hair
  • The makeup 

Everything else follows, I try and excel myself and go above and beyond to make the bridal party happy, comfortable and relaxed. I love interacting with everyone and being apart of their special day. 

Few recent images

All images can be seen on my Facebook and Instagram pages

Target Dry location shoot 


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So it’s been a busy month…. Finally off on two weeks holiday… Sun please come out.

I had the fantastic opportunity a few weeks ago to be selected to style hair for Target Dry clothing company.. Location shoot!!! 

As it is something I hadn’t done before I was apprehensive…I have plenty of experience with bridal hair and styling all within a lovely warm salon!! 

With the prospect of no electricity i agreed to the shoot, lucky enough at the first location in Murlough Bay we were lucky enough that a local family run bar/restaurant opened early in the morning for access to electricity. 

Hunters Bar, extremely friendly owners and beautiful premises with 5star customer ratings.

Onto Murlough bay, grass green as can be sand cream as can be but the live stock run free… Sheep most definately invaded what a would consider a comfortable distance radius… 

The scenery is breath taking.. We really do not understand how beautiful our Wee country is, this location is a place I had never heard of but is indeed to location for some filming of Game Of Thrones.

The weather at most was fantastic, the trek on other hand was something I definately was not use to and didn’t exactly dress correctly for the occasion (riding boots, leggings, fitted long padded coat) Not the easiest attire to climb, slide, drag, pull in…

The over all experience was a fantastic example of a passionate professional shoot, working along side Target Dry and fantastic photographers and makeup artists, I am so keen to continue to work on photoshoots now Iv had a taste for it 

I will share professional photos at a later date as to not give away the new fall collection of the products ( I might add I would never of considered outdoor clothing for myself until I seen these products, so modern and fashionable would be ashame for you to not check them out and there stock listers are available on their website) 

All links available below