What clients mean

So after a few months of going it alone I wanted to thank all my supportive clients, fellow salon members and family!!

I sat last night thinking about all my clients… I wouldn’t be here without them!!

Clients really do mean the world to their hairdressers!!

To me they mean friendship, trust and a good laugh
You develop relationships with your clients, I know your families, your opinions, views, values, highs, lows, education, profession, health and so much more!!

Coming to the salon gives my clients the chance to unwind, relax, focus on nothing for an hour or two! Have a laugh or maybe a cry!!

The trust built between a client and her stylist is like no other! They confide as I do also, challenge, enhance and grow!

I care for you, about you, your life and all things else! We are hear to listen and above all else make you feel amazing about yourself!! I want every experience to be the best experience! Customers always come first!! Love you all 😘😘




When you don’t follow your own advice 

As most of us know after we have a child we feel the need to self declare… for example.. I’m a woman not just a mother, I can take care of my own appearance and not just my child’s! Having spent the last 9-12 months dressed in whatever from wherever not caring if there is snot, vomit or any other bodily substances on it…

I decided on a colour change going straight from a lovely rich brunette to a platinum blonde… educational wise i know the wrongs and rights of the process but I am not known for my patience and decided to take on the thought of bugger it il fix it after…. 

forward a few months my hair is wrecked it’s back to brunette though by no means rich or glossy really quite flat and drab! 

I’m looking after it but also being lazy! I get frustrated at clients who want this… reason being I’m a walking advertisement for shit hair don’t care right now!! However I feel I’m getting somewhere and it’s done to the correct products 

  • Moroccan oil treament
  • Unique 1 spray
  • Aussie 3minute miracle 
  • A lot of trims 
  • And less frequent washing!!! 

Doing this is the long run would have been lovely though for my hairs integrity… I’m a brunette this time it’s sticking!!!

I would love to know of any old wives tales to test also 😘

Cheers to change!!

So it really has been along time since iv updated this between working, raising kids and a husband… my free time is mostly occupied with coffee, munchies and reality Tv or box sets… something that doesn’t require to much brain activity!!! 

I have finally took the plunge and became my own boss!! Fast and nervously.. but couldn’t be happier! After the initial oh s##t im content with my plunge!! The main reason I always wanted to be self employed was for the flexibility for my kids… with the intentions to never miss a sports day, parent teacher or any important milestone occasions that I believe affect a child!! So hooray to me and wish me luck !!!

Eva education 


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So I basically went for a job role as an Eva educator last year and was successful in gaining the position. 

I am incredibly excited for this and what this position brings to me as a hairdresser and a person.

For a brief description il basically be going round salons on request to carry out demos for colouring, styling etc and all aspects of hairdressing I enjoy! Then eventually educating within a new academy which is in the process of being organised and set up. 

The company il be doing this through is Savvy&Shine based in Antrim, which are the only uk distributors for Eva and Evo professional hair care. 

I can not express my love for this brand enough the colours are fabulous and highly pigmented lasting longer and being shiny and vibrant. 

Training has started and I can’t wait to get stuck right in!! 


So it’s been a while since I have added to my blog
Since the last time 

We have enjoyed my littlest loves first birthday 

I have got an another job as an Eva Educator which is the colour brand we use in salon

Enjoyed a hectic and joyful Christmas which was more exciting as Isla was a little bit more involved this year

And celebrated my wonderful husbands big 30th birthday with friends and family!! 

To be honest I do find it difficult between working, being a wife and mother to find the time to post on this… though it’s something I really enjoy and fingers crossed 2017 brings me a little extra time to add to this 

Wedding hair 


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Most people that know me know one of my favourite areas as a hairdresser is bridal.. I absolutely love styling a bride and her bridal party for the most exciting and most important days of her life.

The hair to me is extremely important as everyone attending a wedding or scanning Facebook for pictures Is looking at 

  • The dress
  • The hair
  • The makeup 

Everything else follows, I try and excel myself and go above and beyond to make the bridal party happy, comfortable and relaxed. I love interacting with everyone and being apart of their special day. 

Few recent images

All images can be seen on my Facebook and Instagram pages 



Target Dry location shoot 


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So it’s been a busy month…. Finally off on two weeks holiday… Sun please come out.

I had the fantastic opportunity a few weeks ago to be selected to style hair for Target Dry clothing company.. Location shoot!!! 

As it is something I hadn’t done before I was apprehensive…I have plenty of experience with bridal hair and styling all within a lovely warm salon!! 

With the prospect of no electricity i agreed to the shoot, lucky enough at the first location in Murlough Bay we were lucky enough that a local family run bar/restaurant opened early in the morning for access to electricity. 

Hunters Bar, extremely friendly owners and beautiful premises with 5star customer ratings.

Onto Murlough bay, grass green as can be sand cream as can be but the live stock run free… Sheep most definately invaded what a would consider a comfortable distance radius… 

The scenery is breath taking.. We really do not understand how beautiful our Wee country is, this location is a place I had never heard of but is indeed to location for some filming of Game Of Thrones.

The weather at most was fantastic, the trek on other hand was something I definately was not use to and didn’t exactly dress correctly for the occasion (riding boots, leggings, fitted long padded coat) Not the easiest attire to climb, slide, drag, pull in…

The over all experience was a fantastic example of a passionate professional shoot, working along side Target Dry and fantastic photographers and makeup artists, I am so keen to continue to work on photoshoots now Iv had a taste for it 

I will share professional photos at a later date as to not give away the new fall collection of the products ( I might add I would never of considered outdoor clothing for myself until I seen these products, so modern and fashionable would be ashame for you to not check them out and there stock listers are available on their website) 

All links available below 




Maternity is over….

So… Since the last time Iv posted.. Isla is now 9 months I’m back to work and have clocked a massive 30 hours(5 shifts) although I miss my kids and hubby and my little bubble at home that surrounds us I’m actually glad to be back to work.

I can not describe the nerves and anxiety the night before… Would she be ok? Would she settle? Would she feel abandoned? How would I feel? The night more I was bathing my little girl and realising the last 8 months had flown in she was sitting, laughing and splashing!! Smiling at me not having a clue I would be away from her for a whole day!! The tears flowed all from me… I felt awful.. But trying to catch myself on I was only going back two days a week and she would be fine.. 

I’m all for stay at home mums, part time or full time working mums! Which ever one your path is its your choice for yourself and your family.. Though I do not consider my work a job… It’s a career which I absolutely love and always have its exactly what I was suppose to do.. And I really believe the saying “if you love your job you will never work a day in your life” Iv always put my family first and consider the affects of all our actions. 

The second i stepped into the beautiful log cabin to pamper my bridal party I felt relieved and in the zone… I had missed my job, I loved the rush and the buzz of running around working the ladies hairs and them admiring their styles and being thrilled.. I love the feeling when I look at someone’s face and see how happy they are with their hair.. And knowing I am the reason… I loved being in the salon and feeling like and adult… No shit snot or vomit over me, makeup and hair done for the day… Being Sam not just wife and mummy!!! 

I love the fulfilled feeling of contributing and providing for my family… Setting a good example for my kids knowing mummy and daddy worked hard.. I’m lucky financially I can afford to go back just two days… Sure I would like more money who wouldn’t? But I wouldn’t sacrifice my time and attention towards my kids for more hours away from them and more of the missing out.. 

I feel like when they are little time needs to be treasured and not to waste a moment.. 16hours of a week are enough for me for now.. I will always aim high and push myself and career… Once they are older… But for those 16 hours I love getting a little part of myself back in the most unselfish way I know how 


Brothers and sisters 

Expanding the family can be a hard time on all but especially for the only child at the time, I  was so nervous giving Alfie a brother or sister. Alfie has always been number one, first child, first grand child, great grandchild etc it is an understatement to say he was spoilt rotten and demanding attention from every family member.

I for certain I never wanted him to be an only child, I felt like an only child most of my life as my baby brother is severely disabled, being 21 now for the best part of his life I helped care and nurture him. I did feel lonely at times and that I had a huge responsibility. I would of loved more siblings or someone to play with at times though I never missed out having plenty of friends and family.

My brother was diagnosed at 19 with a genetic condition therefore leading to question of wether I carried the gene that could pass to my children, at the time believing it was 50/50 chance and that the disorder only affected men but could be carried by woman.. Either I didn’t have it or Alfie was extremely lucky to be born completely fine and no trace of the disorder. 

I had the blood tests done but deep down I think I knew all would be fine, we longed for a baby after we were married, the wait was Killing me and the gap between Alfie and the next child was getting larger and making me more uneasy. I never wanted a large gap but life got in the way at times. I rang nearly every two days for roughly 2 months waiting for the results and the go ahead… They came it was fine… Straight onto baby making!!!! 

We tried to prepare Alfie as much as possible about how life would be when the baby came etc and how he could help and be involved and how fun it would be. I was extremely nervous and really didn’t know how Alfie would react. I felt like for 9 whole months I was continuously saying “when the baby is born” this and that I’m sure he was starting to get sick of it. 

The night before the baby came I was all over the place so many mixed emotions, how would Alfie feel? Would he be jealous? I felt bad he had to share me and his dad with this new person. 
All the bad thoughts I might of had about the situation soon faded with Alfie’s reaction to it all, Iv never seen the look on his face before that he had peaking round that hospital curtain the day he came to meet his sister. 

We had 4 hard months after Isla was born that was extremely hard on the family, she had silent reflux and we were exhausted I felt I was endlessly telling Alfie in a minute and I can’t play right now all the things I said I would make time for before she was born I found myself having no time for at all, fast forwarding 7 months and my son is no longer the baby he has grown over night and matured to an extent I didn’t see possible at 6, he adores his sister, nearly mothering at times asking if Iv put sun cream on her etc, he plays with her holds her and kisses her. All this off his own accord and not being asked, last night the three of us lay in bed I nursed Isla and he rolled over pecked her on the back of the head and rolled over again, he doesn’t bother with her because he has to or for attention of others but because he loves her unconditionally, the way they look at eachother I could never fully describe its magical, he is her hero and protector. I believe and hope they will always be close and look to eachother for friendship and times of need.

Sunny days 

As we all know In sunny Northern Ireland we really do need to make the most of this fabulous weather this week…. So far it has been all go from cutting the grass and weeding to supervising power hosing( not my kind of job) for them few short hours after school and before dinner we’ve been trying to keep a hyper 6 year old entertained.

Today we went to buttermilk bridge with the kids, auntie and cousins. The kids deciding to do a nature trail and collect insects, whilst some of us jumping at the birds and trying to dodge them along the trail, I am not a bird person I do not like them I am actually quite scared but needing to remember who’s watching and not installing a fear in my children. 

So feeding ducks, rabbits etc then ourselves with ice cream finally deciding to finish up at the park hoping to tire the kids out… Realising I love these days the simplicity of it all and the happiness it brings to children and the good for the soul natter and laughs for the adults, I realise that Children do not need money and expensive places to go all the time, I for one love taking my son bowling or zoo etc, but these lovely walks and company Is sometimes all they need. 

Seeing a smile continuously on a child’s face is the confirmation we need to know they only want your time and ears. Always having time to spend and ears to listen. The older I am getting I’m trying harder to stop what ever I am doing either cooking dinner or tackling an ironing pile that resembles a tiny slemish mountain and look at my child when he talking to me and telling me something. 

Alfie is extremely random in the sense he will just ask me everything I know about sea turtles or who do I think would win in a fight between two of his latest favourite characters, then my lovely 7 month old who’s started enjoying her walker following me about shouting and demanding my attention 99% of the day, I try hard to have in my head the housework can wait it’s not worth it relax cuddle and enjoy your children stop stressing… Sometimes easier said than done but when they are grown and not wanting my attention or play time il have the house work, the young years can not be relived, we really do need to make the most of it.

Writing this whilst getting a cuddle of my daughter sleeping in my arms I really should of put her down 15minutes ago, hoovered the floors, moped, straightened the bedrooms etc but who cares 😉